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Help those in need!

About Us

What we do!

  • We are multi-faceted. We focus on many areas of need. We provide hunger relief to all in need. We sit on the edge of an impoverished neighborhood with high crime statistics and saturated with a mixture of demographics. The community we serve is composed of; men, women, children, elderly, and veterans. Our community also represents multiple ethnicities. Due to the nature of the diverse demographics we encounter, we have a very customized response. I give out furniture to MHMR patients that are routed to me by a caseworker.We give out food, brand new socks, we give away household items & furniture, we direct people to training, job openings, addiction counseling resources, domestic violence resources, and have even been known to give transportation to important appointments since the closest bus line is about an 8 minute drive and a much longer walk.

  • Homelessness doesn't look the same in this area as it does in other areas. There are an extensive amount of people who squat in RV's or trailers without any utilities or running water. Other homeless people couch hop or sleep on people's floors. I know of a 3 bedroom mobile home where 18 people live. The registered family that lives there consists of 5 people. 

  • The population is so dense in this small poverty stricken neighborhood that there are separate school buses just to get the kids to school. On a busy day, I hand out 5 to 7 boxes of food. During my distributions, I hand out 75 to 100. We do not charge for our assistance but will accept donations if the client feels that they want to give back or we offer an opportunity to volunteer. We operate out of a small country church building. We store our outreach items here.

  • We operate a thrift store that is fed by donations of household items from individuals in the community. We are currently open Tuesday/Thursday 10 am to 1 pm (due to heat) and Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm.  We also hold parking lot/garage sales. 

  •  We are partnered with Feed By Grace an organization located off of Lancaster near downtown Fort Worth. I donate items to that organization such as; toiletry kits, blankets, scarves, socks, winter hats, coats, etc. 

  • We are partnered with Beautiful Feet Ministries every Christmas to hand out toys, treats, Bibles, bikes, and pray with people on the streets in East Fort Worth. 

  • We have 4 board members and about a dozen volunteers. No special credentials. Just hearts that want to serve and a hard work ethic. 

  • We have a future project of a mobile soup kitchen that will do hot meals onsite and travel around the area to feed people. A 34 foot Motorhome has been purchased and will hopefully be ready by Spring 2021! 

  • A community rain gutter garden is in the planning stage for Spring 2021!!


Reduce strain and pressure associated with hunger and basic needs while encouraging changes that will lead to independence and personal sustainability.